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The results are in. Jen Smiley has impacted thousands of lives through her Clean Eating Academy and coaching program. Listen to these true stories from our clients.

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“About 8 years ago I was diagnosed with autoimmune deficiencies. I started getting itchy, scaly, gross patches on my elbows and knees. I went to a dermatologist and he gave me topical solutions and eventually we went to injections. As the years went by, I still didn’t felt better, still had huge flair ups, and I was tired of constantly living off medication. I always felt self conscious of my elbows.

The beginning of April, I stumbled on Jen’s page. I joined the program April 15. We are at May 1 and the improvement that I have seen on my elbows and knees is DRAMATIC. I stopped being itchy and the patches are almost gone. I cannot believe that just reading the labels and the foods that I’m buying have made such a huge difference. Thank you for such an amazing program!”

“I have been using Jen Smiley’s program for about 3 weeks now and I have felt major improvements in how I feel. For starters, my eyes, which are chronically dry, and it’s not just the grittiness, it’s the pain that I feel. It’s an achy, arthritic style pain. I have not had any of this. I’m usually popping Advil every 6 hours without missing a beat, and I have not done it in probably at least 10 or 14 days. I have not had any Advil or even the thought. I’m feeling so much better just from changing my diet. So the inflammation has definitely gone away!”

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“I am a personal trainer and coach from Baltimore and I started working with Jen last April. I noticed changes in my body that I’d never seen before, even doing the same workout routines that I’d been doing. One of the most amazing things that happened was my son, who’s 5 – we were getting ready to do surgery to have his adenoids taken out and we took him off dairy and he doesn’t have to have that, we no longer even have to see his specialist! So it’s been amazing, the changes we’ve seen, not just in me but my whole family.”

The Results

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Wanted to share that yesterday I put a dress on and it wasn’t tight and it actually was comfortable and I felt confident! (And didn’t wear Spanx!!!!) I wore that exact dress on the first Saturday of this program (so 3 weeks ago!) and felt gross and kept tugging etc. Yesterday I didn’t even worry or think about my outfit all day because I actually felt good! 3 weeks down, a lifetime to go!

My doc did a full vitamin panel this week – I just got the results and every single thing was perfect! Thiis is the first time it’s happened without me taking supplements! I’m also under that 30 BMI for the first time in years!

I lost 5 pounds! My friends and family have told me that they can visibly see my skin glowing and how much leaner I am looking. My skin flare ups have completely stopped! This lifestyle is not difficult but yummy and results driven! This is the first time in 24 years I haven’t had pain or bloating or cramps – I’m truly shocked!

I wanted to make sure you had this feedback because what you do is changing things for me I never thought possible.

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