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VIP Group Coaching

Join a supportive community, get daily accountability from the Wake Up and Read the Labels team, and learn how you can finally feel amazing in your body!

If you want to de-mystify ingredients and learn how to choose REAL food, our VIP Group Coaching is for you!

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The Close-Up Guidance That Gets You Results

Do you ever go to the grocery store and have a question about a product? Text us to see if it’s clean or not! Going out to eat and wonder what’s the cleanest thing on the menu? Send us the menu and we will help you figure out how to order and feel good when you leave.

Plus, we lead weekly Q&A calls that keep you consistent, and our text support is a game changer! Show us your meals and see what others are eating so that you can get inspired, motivated, and begin to feel your best. My approach is different and you will be, too.

I lost 5 pounds! No clue how whatsoever how this happened!! I’ve cleaned up my eating habits and am reading every product I’m buying. My family and friends have told me that they can visibly see my skin glowing and how much leaner I am looking. My skin flare ups have completely stopped!! This lifestyle is not difficult but yummy and results driven – go us!! #winning
–Julie Mogul

Eat SimpleFeel Good

What Are the Benefits of Coaching?

Feel ten times better and level UP with hand-holding guidance.

  • Mental clarity
  • Overcome hunger cravings
  • Conquer fatigue
  • Discover simple swaps for recipes you currently eat
  • Stay accountable
  • Build a meal plan that works for you
  • Learn how to dine out and feel your best

Coaching Packages

VIP Group Coaching

3 Months

Wake UP! invites you to join a powerful community for a six-month journey into a better YOU that comes from understanding ingredients, products and how to order while dining out.

  • Daily text support
  • Virtual events
  • Weekly Q&A calls with coaching team
  • Weekly video lesson
  • Menu Service
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What You’ll Get

Become a VIP and feel like a goddess. You get a welcome package plus a quick action item so that you know what to do on the next grocery trip. You will notice a significant difference in how you feel immediately.

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Clients can text pictures of products, restaurant menus and food coaches will respond so that you can learn everyday. Plus, we want to see what you are eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Send us a pic so that we can help you understand what makes you feel the best.

We discuss wins, struggles and answer questions. If you can’t make the call, no worries. It is recorded and sent out each week plus you can submit questions ahead of time. Plus, we will be in communication daily with our text support so you won’t miss out!

Did someone say happy hour!? This is a fun session where we change things up – we make gnocchi, get inside information with a clean brand and hear about their NEW product, taste test wine & cheese, learn how to throw parties with clean food and more.

Going out to eat or getting take out? Menus are confusing but we are here to help. Send us the menu and we will circle the clean items + give suggestions of how to better order so that you can enjoy a night out and feel better the next morning.

Eat Simple

Feel Good

A little bit of effort is better than none. Some clean foods are a step in the right direction. Start with you and the family will follow suit over time.

The Results

A Lifestyle for Keeps

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