How to Order Clean & Healthy at a Breakfast Restaurant

Whether you’re meeting some friends for breakfast or feelin’ hungover and are craving greasy food, creator of Wake Up and Read the Labels, Jen Smiley shows you how to order clean when going out to breakfast so you feel GOOD! 🍳

In this video, Jen Smiley visits The Ruby Slipper, a breakfast joint in New Orleans and walks you through how to order a healthy & clean meal and more importantly, a clean breakfast margarita so you can get to where you need to go! 😉

Does any of this sound familiar after going out for breakfast?
🤰 Food baby
🥱 Fatigued
💍 Rings tight
🤕 Headache
👖 Pants too tight

All of the above is a result of your immune system setting of an emergency alert system called 🚨 INFLAMMATION 🚨

Inflammation happens when your body doesn’t recognize an ingredient.

Let’s talk about bread, shall we? It might be tempting and seem like the healthy choice to get gluten free bread but more often than not, gluten free bread is filled with fake ingredients like gums, sugars, and additives that will cause inflammation and weight gain.

It’s hard to eat perfectly clean when going out to eat, but that’s totally okay! At Wake Up and Read the Labels, we value little improvements and don’t expect anyone to be perfect.

So, when you go out for some breakfast, just do your best to order as clean as possible. Flexibility in your eating is key. If you’re eating clean all of the time, some slip-ups won’t affect you as much.

And that, right there, is the beauty of our philosophy here at Wake Up and Read the Labels:
🌟 no restrictions
🌟 no dieting
🌟 no counting calories

…Just real food, real ingredients, and real results. ❤️