If You Don’t Recognize an Ingredient, Neither Does Your Body.

It’s Time to Wake Up And Read The Labels!

If You Don’t Recognize an Ingredient, Neither Does Your Body.

It’s Time to Wake Up And Read The Labels! 

Meet Jen Smiley

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This program is designed to create a clean eating foundation and help you stay on top of your goals with digestible content. Not only does it give you access to videos with Jen’s clean eating secrets, you also get recipes, an updated product recommendation sheet, and access to an exclusive community to help you stay accountable throughout your journey. Feeling your best and eating clean just got easier with the Clean Eating Academy!

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Eat Simple. Feel Good.

We help you navigate through the “healthy” foods and discover products made with real ingredients. Your body will thank you for choosing to eat clean.

Diets and restrictions do not work. You don’t have to run or meal prep to turn your health around. We show you how to feel your best without giving up the foods you love.

Everybody is different and moves at a different pace. We gently guide you through a clean eating journey with a community that's supportive and judgement free.

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Meet Jen


I’m Jen Smiley, busy mother of 2 boys, master food coach, and founder of Wake Up and Read the Labels. I’ve helped thousands of individuals conquer fatigue, skin issues, stubborn weight, and so much more through my innovative, sustainable, and most importantly, simple approach to eating clean.

I believe that real food is medicine, and that many of the struggles people face on a daily basis can be attributed to the fake ingredients found in seemingly ‘healthy’ foods. Not only do I shed light on the food industry’s deceptive marketing tactics, but I have proven solutions and recommendations for nearly every product imaginable so that people can continue to enjoy their favorite foods, free of restriction and guilt, and still feel their best.

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We help you drastically change your life for the better without having to make drastic changes. We help you cultivate a healthy relationship with food by unloading the obligation to count calories, impose limits and follow restrictions. We aim to teach as many people as possible to eat intuitively, freely, and happily. Our approach may be as simple as waking up and reading the labels, but the results have proven to be truly life changing.

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